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1855[1st Month]                                  23  Tuesday [23-342]       January

A cloudy morning; after Breakfast harnessed  "Kitty" to go to ---- for Loin ---- left ----  ---- ----  when Harford called about Settlement for the Cart.
----  Mr Harford Bill @ 3    for 23 for a farm cart dated 12th January, due 15 April at Messrs            Schlanders.(Nelson) (see forward 13th April)
Drove to ----- and brought away Loin, Neck and head and pluck  of Mutton(of Cleaver )
Home to lunch and then  ---- "Kitty"  -- again and commenced carting ------  from  front fence  when it came on heavy gusts  ----- and rain which  frightened "Kit" and after some twisting and jumping she  upset herself and the cart. Arthur brought help from Kensetts (Kensett Sons, Johnson, Raddings) I then got her to sights without damage. Put  her up and in to change my clothes and dine, then writing up a/c's.

About 5 minutes to 9pm, as Jane and I were at supper (all the children having gone to bed) we were much alarmed by one of the heaviest shocks of Earthquake yet felt in the settlement of Nelson. Shaking everything on the mantelpiece and rocking the house to and fro   dreadfully.
Mrs B and all the children ran out of doors until the worst was over(it lasted from 3 to 4 minutes) then we got them to bed and presently after Mr Packer came up and stayed with us   for an hour.           .
Jane went to bed somewhat earlier at 11 and I stayed up till 2 'o'clock inb the morning experiencing one heavy shock at half past 12.
After 2, went to bed, but had several shakes towards morning.
A most alarming and unsettling day.

Shock of Earthquake at 5 minutes to 9 o'clock

Doing great damage at Nelson to the stores and Chapels and indeed to all Bricks buildings or most of them.